Gearing Up for Your Next Project?

Work with our experts for structural engineering services in Maine

Ensuring your design is structurally sound is an essential part of the construction process. If you need a structural engineer in Maine, turn to Wentworth Partners & Associates Inc. We can design everything from landscaping structural supports like retaining walls to checking the supports of an entire build. We can work on office buildings, retail spaces, bridges and more with our structural engineering services.

If you're working on a residential, commercial or industrial project, contact us now. We also offer geotechnical engineering services.

How we'll help you

Whether you're a contractor who's ready to start your next project, or you're a designer looking to finalize your blueprints, we're here to help. If you need structural engineering services, we'll:

Meet with you to go over your project
Determine how to make your building structurally sound
Serve as a project manager during construction, if needed

We'll ensure the safety of your new building without compromising your design. If you need an opinion from a structural engineer, reach out to us today.